Sales Change Management

How do you implement an effective sales transformation?

Too often, companies try to create sustainable change in their organizations through a single sales training event. As often as not these events take place at annual sales meetings and information is thrown at the sales force like water flowing through a fire hose. Usually, the information is prepared by folks with little to marginal sales experience with a deficient understanding of sales processes and managing outcomes. If the organization has more resources they will often try to outsource the training. Sales training vendors are evaluated, and the one that looks best on the shelf is hired.

Though the company may see a short-term spike in effectiveness, it will rarely see the long lasting change that translates into increased revenue and productivity. My experience is most organizations that attack their sales effectiveness challenges with this approach find themselves in the same situation within months(!) after the “training”.

To implement a successful sales transformation, you must have:

  • Identification, prioritization, and agreement of your sales issues.
  • A focus on change management.
  • A frontline management commitment to implementation.
  • Documented sales processes and coaching objectives.
  • Measurement and ongoing reinforcement.
  • Accountability at all levels.

Look back on some of the training you have performed, commissioned or sat through. How many of these areas did you hit or miss? If you find yourself within months after a major sales training effort and you feel like you are still at square one, it is a promise half or most of these areas were missed. Next time, set yourself up for success and focus your energies on these points, then enjoy finally the fruit of your efforts. You will be thankful you did.